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08-30-2005 09:44 AM

So... about the Pub...
I figured that thus far, there have been no messages in this board, and that makes me sad.

Anyway, I just turned 21 on Sunday, so I'm figuring that I can go to the Pub this year. And I was just wondering, what does the Pub serve besides beer? Other drinks, perhaps? Snacks? Lounge singers in sparkly dresses singing on pianos?

...Yeah, I'm bored.

08-30-2005 11:21 AM

I don't know yet since I turned 21 in Italy in January... I was in the pub once for some non-drinking event once though when they let everyone in. I'm not sure they have anything other than crappy-ish beer, but let's hope they do. They do have pool tables and music performances. Anyway I think the pub should take points.

08-31-2005 07:40 PM

i think they serve smirnoff and coors. but then, how would i know? :rolleyes:

Rian D. Spivak 09-01-2005 04:54 PM

As far as something other than beer, I don't know.

I do believe they did serve Guiness at some point. They had some variety of stuff though. As far as anything like food, I don't think they have much. It would really need someone who goes there more frequently than me.

Russell W. Sprague 09-01-2005 05:39 PM

Due to the nature of the license, they're only allowed to serve beer, wine, and wine coolers. Back when I was ordering manager, we had many fine brews on tap, such as Guinness and Bass (or was it Harp?). The Guinness had nitrogen, which was even kept at the appropriate temperature. We'd be a bit more experimental with the bottles, ordering whatever people wanted and promised to drink.

Last time I was in the Pub, I saw that the food was the same as when I worked there. Chips, pretzels, popcorn, and the usual bar snack fare.

09-17-2005 10:19 PM

yeah the pub rocks!!!
so, gone are my doubts...
the pub is the place to be! the class of '06 is taking it over, as I guess the senior class does every year, so it's basically all people I know there.
I am SO happy about what's served. yuengling on tap! smirnoff raspberry! and all these other good beers I've never even had... amazing. and CHEAP. decent beer in america, who would've thunk it.

and of course there's the pool table.. and the big tv.. and the hot tub.. (uh yeah shhhh.. don't tell the freshmen)

ps. honest question for the above poster: while I'm sure the GAP chick is as irritating as you say she is, do you really think this forum is a good place to complain about another student...?

11-13-2005 07:04 PM

Hey, I figure someone who actually works at the Pub should offer some input...
So, here it is:

At the Pub we offer 6 beers on tap, Guinness is on tap pretty much always. That one is our $3 tap-beer, all others (which included at different times: Magic Hat, Bass, Harp, Smithwicks, Killians, Coors Light, Yeungling, Blue Moon, etc) are $2.50, and we usually make one of them a special for $2.

Our bottles are $3 and we offer different brews (currently we have Corona, Blue Moon, Brahma, Sam Adams[light and seasonal], and more and more...etc). And we do also serve Smirnoff Coolers (orange, raspberry, apple, regular, etc). oh, and we do carry non-alcoholic beer for those of you who really....really....really...want it.

As for food, out Thursday Happy hour is made happier with Wings, and Monday-Night football is fed with party-subs, which are great! Not to say that the wings are any less great. Otherwise it's pretzels or chips or stuff like that.

So yeah, if you have any question, just ask, or stop by.

Yes, stop by. Do it. Now.

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