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Jason R. Howe 06-19-2007 10:40 AM

Well, as today is Sodexho's first day on campus, I decided to test the waters.

It turns out that they brew Green Mountian coffee which, of course, is pretty good.

I also decided to get a breakfast sandwich instead of my requisite muffin, because let's face it, most muffins are created equal.

I went over to the grill, and found none of the crappy premade-three-hours-ago-and-now-cold-eventhough-they're-under-a-hotlamp sandwiches. Instead I ordered a bacon Egg and Cheese at the grill. A pleasant fellow asked me if I'd like it on a Kaiser Roll or English Muffin. Naturally I said a Kaiser Roll because English Muffins make inferior egg sandwhiches.

I must say, the sandwich was pretty good, especially compared to the breakfast sandwiches that Aramark used to try to pass off as edible. Having it made fresh + the Kaiser roll made all the difference in the world...now we need to get them to carry Taylor Ham (Pork Roll for you central/south jerseyans) (extremely yummy to all those who don't know what the hell I'm talking about).

07-17-2007 02:41 AM

Ooh, how is the food service working out? Good/bad? Upgrade/downgrade? Are there any major changes we should be prepared for?

Paul R. Coen 07-18-2007 02:04 PM

It's been good. The Soylent Green is especially good on crackers, and seems quite nutritious.

Just kidding - any food I've had at events, etc. has been fine. I suspect they're still working out logistics, but so far the cutover seems uneventful.

08-24-2007 01:09 AM

To be fair, before Sodexho the food was generally decent on first days and event-days (specifically when parents were coming). So i'm still retaining my doubts. Give it a couple weeks once the entire student-body is on campus and has had enough time to give the new company a run through its food.

Regardless, college food is supposed to be low-quality. It's part of college life.

08-28-2007 10:09 PM

That's patently absurd. There's no reason to have low quality food because "it's part of college life." What, are you Calvin's dad, arguing that camping in a rainstorm is good because "suffering builds character"?

09-01-2007 08:01 PM

I'm a firm believer that hardships, "suffering", builds character. I certainly don't see luxury and ease of lifestyle doing that.

And besides, the commons food is decent enough. I simply feel there are more important things on campus than whether the food is gourmet or not.

09-01-2007 11:05 PM

I'm not saying that this is the most important thing on campus, by any means. No one's saying there should be caviar served on silver platters, but I don't think -- as you do -- that commons food should be low-quality. Drew isn't a military school, where you go because you're going to "suffer." I think there's enough at Drew to build character - including studying, writing papers, leading clubs, and generally all of the challenges being at a university brings. I see no reason to add substandard food as a character builder.

09-02-2007 10:43 PM


Originally Posted by Zachary C. Kanfer
I think there's enough at Drew to build character - including studying, writing papers, leading clubs, and generally all of the challenges being at a university brings.

That's very positive of you.

09-04-2007 08:24 PM

there is no more naked juice.... that is reason enough to switch back to aramark.

09-05-2007 03:45 AM

Speaking of, here is a list of Things I Miss:

Naked Juice
Vitamin Water
the huge Poland Spring bottles
The old orange juices (the Tropicana ones)
the Guacamole burger (I think it's gone? I have yet to try to order lunch.)

The breakfast burrito is amazing though, I highly suggest it.

Also, could we get Ikea to furnish the rest of the Commons, please? :)

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