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Tina Notas 04-21-2014 09:07 AM

Greening Games
Greening Games: What Environmental Science Can Teach Us about Playing Video Games

Brownbag: TODAY, Monday April 21, EC 109, 12 noon. Scholar Alenda Chang will hold a brownbag open to all students and faculty to discuss issues of digital culture and the environment.
Lecture: TODAY, Monday April 21, EC 145, 4:30 pm. Come hear scholar Alenda Chang discuss connections between environmental science and video games!

Fixtures of the domestic interior, computer and video games and the platforms that run them seem woefully remote from the proliferating concerns of the outer world. However, contemporary games may offer quantitatively and qualitatively distinctive opportunities for the representation of pressing ecological quandaries—prominent among them global climate change, natural resource depletion, and loss of species biodiversity. Games not only meld the computational advantages of programming-driven processes with the aesthetic range of literature and cinema, but more importantly render environmental outcomes and ethics into powerfully playable scenarios.

A few games, among them Spore and Banished, usefully demonstrate ecological thinking across spatial and temporal scales. They possess a rare ability to transform our perception of the material world by “magnifying the small” and “micrifying the great”—an ability Emerson once famously bestowed on poetry. This talk will begin to examine what scientists themselves say about scale and ecology’s potential affinities with digital interactive games.

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