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Paul R. Coen 11-28-2012 03:08 PM

Password enforcement change for Drew web applications
On the morning of Tuesday, December 4th, Drew passwords, when used with Drew web applications will become case-sensitive (distinguishing between upper- and lower-case letters). This is a change - in the past, no matter what mix of upper- and lower-case letters you picked, they were treated as equivalent when using your uLogin account with Drew-hosted web applications.

We recommend that everyone set or review their password security questions ahead of time, so you can reset your password if there is a problem. Simply go to password.drew.edu in your web browser and select "Setup Password Responses"

Q: Will this change the way I log into my computer on- or off-campus?
A: No. This only has an effect on uLogin passwords when used with web applications. Network (uLogin) passwords, when used to authenticate to a computer, have been case-sensitive for years. This has actually been a source of confusion for customers in the past, and we are now eliminating it.

Q: I've had problems with the password self-service feature on Treehouse in the past. Will I be able to change or reset my password?
A: If you know the answers to your security questions, yes. One of the primary reasons for this change is to fix a problem with the self-service password feature caused by the inconsistent handling of mixed-case password between different systems. It was actually preventing users from being able to update their passwords because the password change utility was using case sensitivity, but the initial web session login hadn't. If you used an all lower-case version of a mixed-case password when presented with the Drew web login screen, your password change would then fail.

Q: I don't understand what you mean by "case sensitivity".
A: Here's an example. Currently, if your password is "33dawwnPrarrie", you'd need to type that in exactly that way in order to log into a campus workstation. Our web-based applications were using a specific method to test the passwords that was case insensitive - so "33dawwnprarrie" would be treated the same as "33dawwnPrarrie".

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