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02-19-2007 07:39 PM

Saving Documents to the F-Drive...
Hi -
I need to save all my documents to my F-drive, which I really haven't been doing until now. Is there a way to do that in one huge chunk, instead of saving them each individually? I tried copying the files, but it says there isn't enough disk space. I'm pretty sure this is a lie, since the Microsoft documents take up very little space. Any suggestions?

Mike Richichi 02-19-2007 09:15 PM

Did you just try dragging and dropping your My Documents folder? Because that will probably be very large as it will likely include all your music, photos, videos,etc. You'd probably be best off doing Select All (control-A) in the folder, deselecting the files and folders you don't want (control-left-click), and then dragging the rest to your F:\My Documents folder.

If you right click My Documents, select "properties" then the "General" tab, you can find out how much space it's using. Your F: drive is limited to 100MB--but if you want more call the CNS Helpdesk. They can up it to 200MB on the spot, and we can do more if you really have that much academic material to back up, but that's by request.

Hopefully, if we upgrade our networked storage this summer, we can increase the default amount of space on students' F: drives.

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