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Jennifer A. Heise 08-16-2010 11:38 AM

Problems with United Health Care?
Once again, I'm spending Drew's precious time on the phone with UnitedHealthCare getting them to review and re-review health care claims. (My favorite from this iteration: UHC's claim that a diagnosis of a broken shoulder didn't justify skilled evaluation, nor x-rays.) When I call, they say "Oh yes, the information is here, it should have been paid, and refer it to a "Rapid Resolution" specialist. On average, I find that I talk to a "Rapid Resolution" specialist 3 times before anything is actually resolved!

This is the fourth or fifth time I've been through this with UHC since I started here 5 years ago (at one point they claimed I should have had my Pap Smear sample processed at LabCorp; they also wanted me to have found an in-Network provider alternative for the specialist who was on duty when my son was born). These all eventually get resolved, but in several cases, only after I've contacted both the State Attorney General and the head of Drew Human Resources. Am I the only Drew Employee having such problems?

Also, the information on the myUHC website about the plan benefits doesn't match up to either the information we were given, or the information they give on the phone (those two, fortunately, match).

Are other people having this sort of experience? Is it worth making a fuss for the relevant committees?

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