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10-25-2005 01:31 PM

An Open Letter To The Drew Community
Come see our brightest Improv Stars (The One and Only Andrea Hughes, Stephanie "Sproffee" Rice, Sara "Blue Hair" Eldridge, Dan "FroDan" McCort, and Community superstar Zach Kanfer) This Thursday at 9 PM in BC Writing Center!!!!

Or we will send both pirates and ninjas after you!

Yes, they WILL work together to bring you down if you do not support us!

10-25-2005 03:57 PM

Lineup change
Ryan Crowley will be replacing Dan McCort.

Keith Scholz will be hosting.

Kevin P. Egan 10-25-2005 03:59 PM

What zach doesnt get a nickname? Way to jip him! I will not stand for this kind of discrimination, I will boycott your show and enlist the only thing that can beat ninjas and pirates, zombies, to defend me. As so help me, if I find out that there is going to be some kind of substitution, I will send the zombies to destroy you and your corrupt administration

Kevin P. Egan 10-25-2005 04:00 PM

I always did like retroactive threats

10-26-2005 07:27 PM

Zach needs no nickname for he is well-known and well-loved by the Drew Community page.

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