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Jennifer A. Heise 11-22-2010 10:09 AM

Maxed-out Internet connectivity?
I know the Internet pipeline to campus was upgraded at the beginning of the semester, but it seems like every afternoon (from mid-September on) we have a continuous stream of "website not responding" and browser hangs in our offices. I'm assuming that's because Drew's already maxed-out the upgraded bandwidth.

Aside from avoiding internet-using applications when there's a major game on ESPN3, is there anything we can do at the user level to make our connections go more smoothly?

Paul R. Coen 11-22-2010 10:39 AM

I was seeing this until a week or two ago
We made a settings change on the new firewall to up the number simultaneous TCP connections it could handle. It wasn't the bandwidth, it was the size of the connection table in memory on the device. We were right on the edge of the old limit, and when we went over, the firewall would have to expire one TCP connection to add another, which introduced a delay. Again, that's fixed.

As far as I know, ESPN3 is still blocking us.

You didn't specify if this was with wired or wireless connections from the library. If it's wireless, that's going to persist until we get the new access points installed, which should be soon.

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