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Steven D. Masters 12-08-2010 12:05 PM

Wireless Time Out
Every time I log into the wireless network, the brief webpage that appears after logging in and before redirecting me to my intended website that I will remain logged in until exactly 12 hours later (if i log in at 11:03am, I'm logged in till 11:03pm), or if i am inactive for 4 hours. However, it seems that every hour i need to re-log in. Can someone please explain what settings I can change so I don't get booted of the internet ever hour?



Paul R. Coen 12-09-2010 09:51 AM

There are two different timeouts.
The timeout for the general authentication page (iChain) that login.drew.edu provides has a one-hour timeout. If you're hitting Drew-based web services at any point during that hour, it shouldn't time out. That shouldn't, as far as I know, be causing you to be knocked off outside web sites. Essentially, that wireless authentication page does is add a rule to a Linux firewall that permits your computer to get to the internet.

Is this a new behavior, or have you seen this before?

Also, if you use the 802.1x SSID (Drew1x), that doesn't go through the captive portal and doesn't have a timeout because you have to authenticate to use it at all.

Steven D. Masters 12-09-2010 03:13 PM


It has happened to me since I started in the Fall of '09. Last year I was using a XP computer, and this year I'm using a Mac. Essentially, approximately every hour my Gmail stops working. I open a new tab, enter an address or click a bookmark, the drew wireless page log in pops up again, enter my password, and i'm clear for another hour.



12-09-2010 08:38 PM

No reason for an hour timeout
Why are the timeouts so short? There are several uses of the internet that are easy to think of that require a streaming internet for longer than that period of time and an almost constant firewall interrupts that, the time out should work as it is posted or at least have a four hour log on across the board. This one fault makes Drew internet impossible to use reliably as it seems that a log in is required every time you breathe and at the very least gives you something to annoy yourself with for 15 seconds or more depending on your connection. Also, the login is still consistently required on Drew1x and the timeouts are different for some computers, especially loaners. Please change this as soon as possible since this makes the internet suck and be unusable for those it is intended for. Thanks.

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