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Steven N. Kass 06-20-2009 05:58 PM

Mobile device IMAP setup
I can't get a plain IMAP connection working on my almost-smart phone (LG VX11000 aka enV Touch) with Verizon Wireless Mobile Email.

The settings work fine for Outlook on my PC:
Login:skass (also tried skass@drew.edu)
Incoming server: gwimap.drew.edu port 993 SSL
Outgoing server: gwsmtp.drew.edu port 2525 requires login (tried no secure connection and TLS, and also tried no login)

When Verizon releases Intellisync Mobile Email Client for this phone, that should work, but it will cost $20/month, which is pointless when my phone plan already includes "unlimited email" through the phone's pre-installed Mobile Email application.

One guess is that a plain IMAP connection with Mobile Email fails because of Drew's self-signed SSL certificate. (The phone's browser could care less about the cert and gives me https without complaining.) If that's the case, I'm probably out of luck. There's no way I can see to install certs on the phone (proprietary OS and all).

Anyone have an idea?


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