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09-08-2008 11:32 PM

Suggestion for the Printer P3005n at cyber cafe
Hello, all

My name is Yon Taek Bae, fourth year M.Div student.
Some of you know me and where is my work place.
As a cyber café crew, I have met many Theo and GDR students, also I have heard many complaints about the PRINTER. “LaserJet P3005n”

Theo school cannot be in charged of this printer because, in my remembrance, TSA bought it in 2006-07 academic year), so when the toner of Model P3005n run out, many students get in trouble and complain. I think all of you agree with this situation.

Last semester, some students donated their money to buy the toner. I really appreciated that. However, we should not think that somebody will donate again like last semester. We are user of the printer.
So, I suggest to buy the toner.

Theo school has four student groups, Black, Hispanic, Korean Caucus and TSA. (There will be a new caucus, possibly become five groups) If possible, these groups could donate a toner for students. These groups have some budget for their events in a year. Actually, school gives the budget to them. As a president of Korean Caucus last year, I discussed this issue with caucus members before, but for some reasons we could not. However, in my opinion, for these groups the cost of the toner (about $ 150) is not a big money. Above all, all caucus members are our friends and our students. So, it seems that buying the toner can be included in each caucus' event. (What is the reason of existence of all caucus?)

If each caucus donates one toner for each semester, all students do not have to complain about the toner. That is my suggestion.

How about my suggestion? I do not want to push all caucuses to buy the toner. Just think of this.

One more suggestion
As a user of the printer, we should keep some etiquette.
Do not use this printer for long ~long dissertation.
Do not use this printer personally. (Ex. Office work, church work and etc.)

Is my suggestion so rude? If so, I will apologies.

Thanks for reading my suggestion.
Good night :)

Grace and Peace
Yon Taek Bae[/quote]

Natalie E. Finch-Howard 09-09-2008 03:30 AM

Yon Taek! I think that is a great idea! If you are going to the TSA community lunch/forum tomorrow, you should bring that up!!!

09-10-2008 03:55 PM

Thanks~ Natalie~~

Unfortunately, I could not go there...
So, I tried to sent my message to 'theo_students ' by drew mail, but rejected by CNS.

Anyway, thanks for your concern..
Have a good day~ NATALIE ~

Yon Taek

09-13-2008 02:59 PM

Yon Taek,
I will discuss with the other BMC officers. I am sure that we can fit it into our budget for the year. I will let you know for sure by Friday (budgets are due on Thursday).

How would we go about ordering the ink cartridge?


09-15-2008 09:42 PM

Hi, Donna.

After discussing this issue with your caucus, if your caucus and other caucus agree with my suggestion, all caucuses allow TSA to use the donated amount of budget to buy the toner. And TSA may take charge this job countinuously because TSA exists for all students.


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