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Eddymer Diaz 01-20-2010 02:23 PM

Living in a "Dingle" ?
If you are a female student living in a Double single this semester please read:

I am currently looking for a room/roommate for the spring semester. I was given a list of openings on campus but feel weird just picking someone randomly off of a list and not letting them have a say in the matter.

Move in day is only a few days away so I need to pick a room by tomorrow the latest. If you wouldn't mind having a roommate please email me at ediaz1@drew.edu or reply to this post.

Here's some information you might need:

+I don't drink or smoke, but am fine with living with someone who does. (Please... no smoking in the room.)

+My living space is sometimes cluttered but never dirty/dusty. I always make sure to keep my side of the room clean.

+I'm pretty easy to get along with. If something I do bothers you (playing music too loud, or something along those lines) just let me know and it'll be solved.

Please email ediaz1@drew.edu with any comments or questions or leave them here as a reply.


Edit: (same day) 5:15pm Roommate Crisis Solved!

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