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07-20-2005 12:14 AM

Israeli Dancing!!
Hey everyone,

Anyone remember the bit of Israeli dancing we did at last year's Chanukah party? Wasn't it FUN? I remember hearing several times fall semester that people would be interested in dancing more often, learning new dances, etc. Now that I'm back, I would love to lead a regular session of Israeli dancing - I think it might be best on Friday night because many of us meet for Shabbat anyway, but only if nobody objects to my playing music on a computer/stereo. Otherwise, we could do it in the afternoon before Shabbat starts, or possibly a different night (though I have many evening classes).

Please let me know if you would be interested in this.
Israeli dancing is for EVERYONE!!!
You don't have to be Jewish or Israeli. Some of the dances are actually set to songs in Turkish, Arabic, Greek, Spanish and other languages. There are circle dances, line dances, couples; fast paced, slow, and everything in between.
You don't have to be a great dancer. I'll start at the very beginning. I'm certainly not an expert myself, but I can teach what I know. Many people who love Israeli dancing don't have any other dance experience. It's folk dance - it's not meant to be too complicated or tricky.
*Maybe* we can do more than just learn a few dances... Depending on interest, we might be able to do a few extra things as a group. There is a huge Israeli dance session in NYC once a week, and maybe by spring semester we'll want to take a trip in and see how they do it there. Also, if enough people are into it, we can do a bit of performance - maybe for the Drew dance show, maybe even moving on to a festival in New York! Don't let this scare you away, it's only if people are interested! But several other colleges & universities have performing Israeli dance troupes so it's something to think about.

Ook... this is probably the longest post in the Drew forum. So I'll stop, and just feel free to post if this sounds like fun to you!

Akiva Roth 08-26-2005 06:03 PM

Meet and Greet for Incoming Students
After you move all your stuff into your dorms and are on your way to lunch....
Stop by the Hillel and Religious Life Council tables in the Commons Concourse from 11:30 am until 1:30 PM.

Meet our Hillel Director (and his matching yarmulka ensemble) and our boundlessly energetic Hillel President, Heather Alters and others.

We look forward to meeting you (and your parents if you wish)

09-13-2005 12:57 PM

That sounds great Danna!!! I'd love for it to be a regular feature of Hillel and shabbat!

09-14-2005 03:28 AM

Awesome - please bring it up at the meeting tonight, since I won't be able to attend due to a class (ironically - Archaeology of Israel, which a lot of Jews are in - maybe we should have another first Hillel meeting? :-))

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