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Rudi A. Jones 09-14-2010 09:59 AM

Rise in the cost of items at snack bar; no rise in points
So does anyone know exactly why the cost of items in the snack bar has increased, while the containers to put things in has decreased (AND the number of points has remained the same)? My freshman year you could buy a wrap for $3.99 points. Last year, I think it was close to the same amount. This year, the same wrap (with less stuffings I might add) are a whopping $4.79. I wouldn't complain, but if you're going to increase the cost, increase the amount of points we get as well on our meal plans.Or better yet - have a meal we get at the snackbar count as such rather than this point system that we currently have.

Victoria b. Ellman 09-14-2010 12:51 PM

It's obviously quite deliberately so that Drew can subsidize their "other" costs. They may try to play off that the cost of ingredients has risen, however if you yourself go to the supermarket and purchase the items to make a wrap or something else along those lines you will see that you can make five wraps for the cost of the one. Also, keep in mind that Drew must purchase ingredients in bulk, i.e. the cost is reduced for that reason even more. Anyways, I complained about the food plan since day one and after my first year I never again EVER purchased a meal plan. I was so outraged too when I found out that if I even lived on campus, I would be required to purchase the meal plan - you cannot opt out of it. Needless to say, I never lived on campus again. The only good thing about the commons was the old staff, which they got rid of two yrs ago. Now there is only Gloria and Quazi and his wife.

Anyways, I could say a lot more but I will restrain myself.

Jordan M. Maslin 09-14-2010 07:56 PM

I haven't been to the snack bar yet this semester, but this is deeply concerning manner considering it feels like we are already on a tight point budget, and the quality of that food is on par with much of the food items you can prepare yourself in the commons. Even those snacks are way overpriced. Have the prices also gone up in the C-store? I would highly recommend you take this issue to student government or someone that can formalize the complaint and address it to whoever is in charge of pricing (the Aramark person?).

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