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Brandon W. Talley 10-22-2007 01:46 PM

If anyone has interest in bringing back a drew pagan society please email Btalley@drew.edu for more information.

Also a small event sponcered by religious life will likely take place this sunday night (a dinner meet and great) for all interested.

Here is a small blurb about use for all those who were wondering

The Pagan Society’s intent is to explore Pagan traditions, holidays, and beliefs, and to provide a supportive environment within which individuals can share and develop their spirituality. The Pagan Society wishes it to be known that the word “Pagan” is a broad umbrella term, encompassing nature-based and otherwise spiritual traditions from around the globe, and that this fact is to be at the heart of our organization. The Pagan Society wishes to embrace the diversity of the world’s pagan traditions, and through the diversity of our own members we wish to give each pagan tradition present within our group equal representation. This being said, a strong inter-pagan faith dialogue between the various pagan traditions represented by the members of our group shall be fostered. Thusly, the events that we host shall also embrace this sentiment, representing not only one tradition, but many. For example, we would hold a Samhain event in late October, a Buddhist event in early December and an Asatru (Norse-themed) event in mid December. The Pagan Society seeks to work in harmony with the Drew community at large, and closes its doors to none as long as they are respectful and genuinely interested in becoming involved with the group. It is a group not only for practicing Pagans, but those who are just finding it within themselves to follow this path. It is also a group open to those who are not Pagan at all, but wish to come and learn about the Pagan traditions, and engage in dialogue with the group’s members about any questions they may have on the subject. In closing, the Pagan Society is a group whose intent is to provide a productive intellectual environment within which the Pagan Traditions can be explored and its members understanding and practice of these traditions enriched, and through which the Drew community at large can become, if they so wish, educated about and engaged with these most intriguing spiritual paths.

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