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The heating and cooling in the residence halls is challenging to manage during the spring and fall when the temperatures fluctuate from below freezing at night to, on on occasion, in the 50's and 60's during the day. We try to minimize the discomfort by starting to turn back the heat very early in the morning on the days we expect the outdoor temperature to rise into the upper 50's. The buildings tends to "hold" it's heat for awhile even when the temperature is cut back. At that point we are at the mercy of the outdoor temperature and how long it takes to cool off again. Then we must turn the heat back up again when nightfall approaches and the temperature dip to the 30's and below. I can assure you that the Plant Operations crew tries very hard to manage comfort and temperature within all the buildings. Some are easier to do than others; but we continue to strive to update automated building controls and systems whenever possible. If you are experiencing uncomfortable temperatures, I encourage you to call the Service Response Center at extension 3510. We will do whatever we can to rectify the problem.

- Facilities Management

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