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I felt the need to respond because I found your post to be a bit offensive in that I hope that it will not be read by others who will then decide that such an approach to an issue is an approach that many Drew students would take.

I can appreciate where you are coming from here but, at the same time, I fail to see the helpfulness of both your need to use so many expletives and your tone. I'm all for free speech but at the same time, if you want your voice to be heard and actually have some positive attention brought to an issue which needs to be addressed, you'd be far better off taking a different approach rather than ranting on the forum to people who will simply chime in and that will be the end of it.

You might consider actually contacting facilities and asserting your complaint in a more appropriate manner, wherein those you contact be more inclined to help you if you ask in a way which is not so brash. Also, my quadmates & I called facilities to complain when the air coming through our vents was too cold and after some time the issue was corrected for the most part and it is now comfortable more often that not temperature-wise although there are times on occasion when it is too cool still.

Also, Drew is not "wasting money on fines from the EPA." When an institution is fined by an organizations such as the EPA, it is required to pay said fine or else be brought against more serious charges. It's not as if Drew decided that it would like to spend some of the school's money paying fines, which is what your phrasing implies. You can bring up the issue that the University should have taken the necessary measures to prevent fines from ever having been incurred and then I would see your point, but...

That being said, I can agree that the regulation of heating & cooling in Riker is something that needs to be greatly improved. If you really want something to be done about it, you're better off using your energy to TALK to someone about the problem.
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