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Luis M. Gallegos
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Hey, I figure someone who actually works at the Pub should offer some input...
So, here it is:

At the Pub we offer 6 beers on tap, Guinness is on tap pretty much always. That one is our $3 tap-beer, all others (which included at different times: Magic Hat, Bass, Harp, Smithwicks, Killians, Coors Light, Yeungling, Blue Moon, etc) are $2.50, and we usually make one of them a special for $2.

Our bottles are $3 and we offer different brews (currently we have Corona, Blue Moon, Brahma, Sam Adams[light and seasonal], and more and more...etc). And we do also serve Smirnoff Coolers (orange, raspberry, apple, regular, etc). oh, and we do carry non-alcoholic beer for those of you who really....really....really...want it.

As for food, out Thursday Happy hour is made happier with Wings, and Monday-Night football is fed with party-subs, which are great! Not to say that the wings are any less great. Otherwise it's pretzels or chips or stuff like that.

So yeah, if you have any question, just ask, or stop by.

Yes, stop by. Do it. Now.
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