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Dia O'Neil
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Originally Posted by Jackie DiLorenzo
What iiiiiiif... I needed the 7th editon of a sociology book, and online it's going for $40 (used), yet the 6th edition is $7? Haha...

ETA: who can we email about bookstore-related queries?

painful, isn't it? :-/ i mean, you can always try your luck and just tell the professor you were sent the wrong edition, and hope that he/she understands and says it's okay, or that you find someone who will share, or that it's not THAT different. but i'd say that, since it's a soc book, there will be a lot of differences between them, and you WILL use it often [unlike in, say, a comp sci class where the book costs about $80 and you NEVER use it...glad i got a good deal on mine]. remember, it's only $7 because no one uses it anymore :-p

as for bookstore queries...i'm not really sure. it's probably on the bookstore site somewhere? you could probably find someone here to answer it, though. the bookstore's pretty predictable, heehee.
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