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Dana S. Aguilar
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Exclamation Do you know what to do when you've been stopped by the police??? - KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

Join the ACLU and SDS on National Police Accountability Day, this Thursday, for a Know Your Rights event aimed at educating students of their rights with the police and their rights on campus/with public safety.
  • From 7-8 Bruce Rosen, an ACLU lawyer who specializes in First Amendment rights, will make a presentation on how to handle encounters with the police and protect your civil liberties. Learn how to keep a situation with the police from 'going south', and find out how to handle situations that have gone south to best protect yourself legally.
  • From 8-9 SDS will be holding a "Know Your Rights" workshop, to educate students of their rights on campus, including how to handle public safety, free speech on campus, the drug and alcohol policy, search and seizure and the guest policy. Complete with skits, testimonials, and full audience participation.
This event is TOTALLY FREE and we will have free pizza for everyone!

  • When: 7-9 PM, Thursday October 22nd
  • Where: The Space
  • Why: Because you have rights that should be protected and we have free food and free advice.
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