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Default Better than Google?

The Library wants to improve your ability to find what you need to find without having to sift through thousands of useless search results like you do with some other search engines that you might use.

To that end, we're considering a new search engine (a “discovery service,” in library-speak) for Drew’s research resources that will provide the ability to search the library catalog, article databases and indexes from one place. Please help us evaluate this possibility for Drew by attending a demonstration and giving us your honest feedback.

Please join us for a demonstration of Summon on Thursday, February 9, from 2-3PM in the Library Staff Room.

Summon can find both books in the library and articles in your favorite journals as well as information that you can use that you might not think to look for.

We want you to be there.
We want you to give us your feedback.
But most of all we want you to be able to find what you're looking for!
--Jennifer Heise
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