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Gary A. Hochman
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Originally Posted by Noah C. Rosenfield
I am really disappointed in the fact that all online gaming gets little to no bandwidth. Net Enforcer, or whatever it is they use, really screws me over. I was told it was put in during the Napster era to stop all the bandwidth usage from that, but that's done now! Napster doesn't exist anymore, so don't you think it's time for a new system? Even during times when the overall campus usage is low I can't get a decent connection. It's always laggy. I think this is dumb. Why don't we get something new?

1. If you think that just because Napster is gone that no one on campus uses file sharing programs you would be sorely mistaken.

2. Online gaming, while something I enjoy as well, is not the primary purpose of the campus network. First and foremost it is supposed to be an educational resource. That being said, I wouldnt imagine providing a lag free gaming experience is real high up on the priority list.

I'm pretty sure that there are a lot more restrictive ways that the network could be set up, so personally I'm not itching for a new system. It isnt like games are currently completely unplayable either.
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