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Justin M. Giza
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Oh, the warranty has been wonderful.

What's not wonderful is that it seems no matter how hard I try to keep my laptop maintained, I've still had to keep bringing it in to reimage it or fix some other random hardware problem no less than twice a year.

Like all computers, they can show their age given time. It's just the fact that mine has been showing its age since December of '03. Re-imaging your computer should under no circumstances be a "do it every two or three months" thing... not if it isn't loaded with assorted garbage. I've literally lost count at this point how many re-images I've had, but in the three years I've had it, I'm willing to guess the number is around six or seven. Tack on a replaced hard drive, a new mainboard, and what sounds like a *second* new mainboard, you're not looking at something I would call "reliable."

Let's run down the checklist!

- My computer lives in a case.
- I de-frag and clear out old data files every two weeks.
- My virus protection is always current.
- Ad-Aware SE 6 is always updated and set to go.
- I don't use IE, nor do I hunt around using any sketchy software.
- I stay away from filesharing software which would probably make things worse.
- I don't pour root beer into my keyboard on a regular basis.

Am I missing anything? Despite all of the above, I keep running into problems, and keep getting told "there's nothing wrong with the ThinkPads." This is an understandable response, coming from a team whose job it is to help a school full of people who break their computer because they don't know the damaging effects of Blubster, or what a CD-ROM is. I assure you - I'm not one of those people.

I know for a fact that I'm not the only person who has had hardware issues with these things. Two out of three people I know have had to bring in their computers multiple times for corrupted OS files, faulty hard drives (like myself), dying video cards (like myself), dead ethernet jacks, and what have you. Is this just the price we pay for mass-manufactured laptops? I almost wish this were like Staples, where if there's a problem or two, you just get a gift card to buy a new damn computer. Too bad this is the real world, and not a multi-billion dollar office supplies company (but wouldn't it be totally sweet if it was?).

This coming fall, I want you to look at the senior class, and see how many of them have switched to Macs. I won't be one of them, as I hate Macs, but it's a pretty great indicator of where the satisfaction rate lies with IBM/Lenovo right now.

I try not to sound harsh here, but I'm just getting a little tired of hearing people try to defend recurring problems and denying that there's anything wrong. Just because a ThinkPad that you own has never had any problems doesn't mean that the rest of the school's haven't. I sort of feel it's kind of like when our school's network exploded last year, and it took me a week's worth of data collection and a lot of confused posts to CNS for anyone to stop telling me "you don't know what you're talking about," and get anyone to even *start* investigating the issue.

Surprise! Turns out there was something wrong with the network.

I know you guys catch a lot of flak from the students, but please don't shut us down in your haste to show that you know more than us. We know that you know more than us. That's why you're there, and not us.

I promise you - every now and then, you'll find a legitimate issue that's been overlooked.

I'm sorry for the rant and thanks for the help. I hope you can understand why I would get a little irked.

Also: Nice avatar, Mike. ;D


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