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Justin M. Giza
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Like I said in my post, I don't think you guys are "out to get us." That would be completely antithetical to the purpose of... y'know... what you guys do. You guys aren't out to get us, and I'm certainly not out to get you. I take no pleasure in having things go awry with my computer. I would gain nothing by trying to convince the world that "CNS doesn't know what they're doing," so... yeah. I'm not saying that at all. Just because you guys repair computers doesn't mean that you'd exactly want to create unnecessary work for yourselves. You taking the time to respond to these posts is proof enough that y'all just want to make sure everyone's satisfied in the end.

I ask all this just because I want opinions, and an occasional solution - not 'cause I'm out to troll CNS. Sorry if it sounds heated on my end... I'm biting my tongue best I can.

Breaking it down, I'm just getting kind of frustrated at the number of times I've had to bring in my laptop for even something like re-imaging. I wasn't trying to be a jerk in my previous post, I legitimately want to know; Read my list above, and tell me what I'm doing wrong here, because the care I give my laptop coupled with the amount of times I've had to bring it in is sorely disproportionate. I really want to get something done about my laptop, and I'm just not seeing any light. I'm getting tempted to ramp up my credit card bill and finally jigsaw my desktop together.

I really just want the functional piece of equipment I was promised and paid for. When they work, they're great computers. When they don't, they make great paperweights. It just so happens that mine makes a great paperweight every couple months.

A lemon clause is a great idea, and you're right - not many places will offer one.

Just tell me what I'm supposed to do here. No laptop means I can't do my work, and I'm trying to calculate how much time I've lost in my three years here. Yes, I am fully aware of the loaner policy, but that's even more red tape I have to waste my time with. More importantly, that's not even an option for another 2 weeks unless I can get a professor's signature - easy enough, but again... more red tape.

At this point, I will literally do anything in my power to get a replacement or something.

I will have a knife fight with a rowdy singing and dancing street gang.
I will put inanimate objects into my belly, whether they're supposed to go there or not.
I will pay blood sacrifices to the CNS gods.

Well, not quite. But I'd totally be willing to take y'all for a hearty steak luncheon. Or get you some sweet, chewy candies.

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