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Blake J. Gideon
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I am glad the house did not pass the bailout bill. Hopefully inflation will start to get under control and we can get on with the long overdue recession. let the bad debt liquidate and get back on track asap.
I believe The US will become the financial capital of the world again if we dont take the Dems advice by increasing regulation. Over-regulation along with overborrowing is what lead to this crisis (i.e. the community reinvestment act).
I am confident if we decrease taxes and regulation while maintaining an actual strong-dollar policy(NOT Henry Paulson's "Strong Dollar Policy") that foreign investors will come here once again. We also need to get rid of corporate subsidies and social welfare. I say let the free market work.

As far as jobs... I think once we get through the recession we will start to see jobs coming back. I am more worried about inflation than the stock market dropping or unemployment. The Fed took away M3 and we dont even know what the money supply is any more. The Government already speant appx. 700 billion on Freddie Fannie and AIG(Before the bailout!), I wonder what percent of our current money supply that was -- we will pay for it with an increase in prices.
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