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Default Another small point

Just for perspective--I have an Optimum Online connection at home which I love very much and wouldn't trade for anything. I was getting miserable performance to several sites on the Internet last night. Pages weren't loading, things were just awful. Others were working great. There's been a few recent incidents about problems at backbone providers (like Level3 and Cogent not routing traffic between them, Level3's routers going crazy after a software upgrade) that show in many cases Internet problems are beyond our control. Of course, it's easy to assume that once we have some problems with Drew's connection that everything's our fault--and it's important to maintain some perspective.

And please, if there's one thing you get from this discussion--if there's something you don't understand, or you "heard something" from "this guy" who "is really smart" but doesn't work for me (as in, the one responsible for the Internet working), please just ask. We're happy to tell you what's going on and give you real information based on facts, instead of conjecturing wildly based on limited information.
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