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Justin M. Giza
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Originally Posted by David J. Wilson
I hope this answers some of your questions.
Certainly does! Thanks for taking the time to write that out.

I don't mean this to be an attacking thing - I just wanted to get some actual answers, because until this post showed up, we really didn't have any.

Thanks to all the guys who're taking the time to answer our questions. It is most certainly appreciated.

So... it's just coincidence that it ran flawlessly for a full hour, then 10 minutes later in my room the lag was so horrible it wouldn't even log me in? And there's no prioritization given to anyone whatsoever? Just seems odd to me. Bad timing, I suppose.

And just to say... we know it's not always your fault. A lot of people find it easier to just lump the blame on the tech guys, which isn't fair (I fixed computers all summer, I know how it goes). Again, now that the students have some definitive information here, I hope that removes some of that from your shoulders.

EDIT: I think I should also note that I didn't hear this information from "some guy," it was someone who works at CNS, and has an intimate working knowledge of the networks. Trust me, I wouldn't be posting random things I heard from Joe Nameless. I guarantee you that anything I presented earlier was probably not precisely what he told me, and was in fact just me being an idiot. After all...

Originally Posted by Justin M. Giza
...please correct me if I'm wrong (I have no real working knowledge of network traffic)...

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