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Noah C. Rosenfield
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at least AIM is acting better now. emphasis on better, because it's still having problems like file transfers stopping mid way through. i just have a couple things to say...

firstly, drew needs a new browser. this is not a matter of i would like a new browser, it is seriously becoming a necessity. mozilla is outdated! almost NO websites are designed around it anymore, so please, get a new contract or whatever and get Firefox instead! it's made by the same freaking company but it's also the second most commonly used browser which means that it will work better with more sites because companies design there sites to work well with it. Mozilla used to be popular like, 3-4 years ago, but now guess what, there are a LOT of website which are incompatible with mozilla, so please, just get firefox as the campus supported browser...please. just please do it.

and as for why i don't just use firefox as my default web browser? it gets crappy connectivity and transfer rates. i can download a file using mozilla at a good 80 KB/sec sometimes, but firefox never gets over about 8 KB/sec. so, once again, PLEASE GET FIREFOX AS THE DEFAULT DREW BROWSER! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! IT'S SO MUCH BETTER! AND EVERYONE WILL LOVE YOU

next, as far as you realizing the legitimacy of some p2p's and that's why you don't shut them down completely, i gotta say, i don't really see it. i can't even get a connection to limewire 90 percent of the time, and i can connect to a host even less often then that. so as far as p2p being not blocked entirely, i'm really just not seeing it....

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