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Default Why not go local?

I've noticed a lot of the responses here are pertaining to very famous, EXPENSIVE groups.
There are a lot of more localized musicians / bands that would be willing to play for far less mullah and also may actually draw some crowds if they are known amongst students.
Some people around here are into alternative / indy stuff and some students even know many performers or groups who would totally play! MySpace is a great resource for finding muzak to bring to campus.
Also, don't forget the great groups we already have on campus!!
-a capella groups on campus sound pretty smooth
- drew's jazz ensemble is very talented (I am biased though)
- anything by Campbell Payne!
- Sweet jams that occasionally take place at DOYO late at night
(for those who are interested, just start hanging around the practice spaces!!)

It's nice to occasionally get a dying 90s breed like Everclear or Spin Doctors, but we must consider that they are very expensive acts and are only had once or twice a year.
Far more music could be had throughout the year if the bands were smaller-scale (but still popular on a local level)
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