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Default Anthropology/bio Anth. Majors! Meeting Tonight! 2/27

Are you an Anthropology or Biological Anthropology major?

Then you should come to Faulkner House lounge TONIGHT (2/27/12) where we will discuss the...

Lambda Alpha!

Find out what it takes to be a member of Lambda Alpha!

What are the benefits of being a member of Lambda Alpha?
1. You will belong to a nationally recognized organization of Anthropologists and
Biological Anthropologists with chapters all over the country.
2. You will have access to many scholarships for graduate schools and beyond.
3. Graduating seniors will get tassels and sashes to wear at graduation.
4. You get a certificate of membership and a gold membership card.

It's a great organization and every Anthropology student should take advantage of this. Come by Faulkner House TONIGHT, Monday (2/27/12) at 7:30pm to find out more!

Hope to see you there,
!BOAS, Bridging Our Anthropology Students
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