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Christopher R. Chesebro
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Post and one more thing...

I cannot fault Pete Tauriello at all for all the help he gave us. He came in willing to work with the crew and make the station better. The biggest thing that was the problem was that people felt he was a little pushy and expected too much from the station. I personally thing he did a great job and gave us, especially me a lot to work with.

As to the FCC filing...I have looked into this a LOT. There is little we can do to get a new license. As of now, we are an outdated and no longer offered license type. There are 3 other stations vying for our frequency and they most likely will get it because they are commercial stations and that means money. SO. The only option is to find another frequency, and this being New York metro, that is almost impossible. Thats why I'm focusing on webcast. I think its the best thing for us.
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