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Jenna L. Scandone
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theyre the ONLY station that will play "Being John Malcovitch" during primetime hours!!!! and daytime!!!! i LOVE that movie!!!!

the need for a cable tv station geared twored homosexuals hasnt been in high demand in the US because of the ammount of programing on every other station geared tword a homosexual audiance.
Queer as Folk(all time fave)
the L word(not as good, wishes it was queer as folk)
Queer Eye(steriotypes but still, its cute)
Will & Grace (of course)
to name a few

and some AMAZING TV movies like ANGELS IN AMERICA(SOOO GOOD) geared twords some harsh issues in the gay community( though they seem kinda redundant, they exist)

not to mention the US has SO many sitcoms and uses SO many charachters that are homosexual, because we have so many channels and so much airtime to put them on.

now if youve ever been to europe you KNOW they have shit for TV. CNN, spanish channel, indian channel, italian channel, BBC, BBCsport, Frances channels on cable geared twords specific audiances are more in demand. here not so much. even in certain parts of canada its harder to get airtime, cuz all the canadian studios are producing for the US networks.

as far as watching it, its in the late 100's on my TV at home, so i dought we get it at Drew, unless the townhouses or something can get satelite or digital cable. but its a good station sometimes. the sitcoms are a bit like MTVs "undressed" but the movies are excelent. a lot of forign film, a lot of sundance, and some high quality blockbusters that cant be shown on basic cable.

final word? good for a rare movie, and the commercials are specialy made, so tune in just to see new ads if you must, but avoid the campy sitcoms at all costs. watch something quality. Queer as Folk is much better programing on Showtime anyday, and them boys are sexy!!(they ARE!)

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