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Danna L. Gutman
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Originally Posted by Kevin P. Egan
There was this awful incident last year on the night of midnight breakfast (before fall finals). It had recently rained and you could still feel the moisture in the air. The combination of the rain and the cold weather meant that pretty much all of the walkways between the dorms and the commons were covered in ice. I stepped out of riker and nearly slid right off the stairwell onto the concrete below. It was a nightmare getting to the commons and back, but sure enough, plenty of people braved it to experience midnight breakfast.

Are you kidding me? Awful incident? Sure it may have been the most dangerous and had the *potential* for some major accidents... but it sure was the most memorable midnight breakfast ever. Pretty funny to step outside and realize you have no traction whatsoever. It took me a while to find the right shoes to wear... And then seeing everyone at the Commons in spite of the whole situation was pretty funny, people are so intent on getting their muffins at 1 AM.
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