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Justin M. Giza
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Originally Posted by Mike Richichi
Three random questions:

1) When you say it "lives in the case" what do you mean by that?
2) When you say you "don't pour root beer into [your] keyboard on a regular basis", how often would you say that you do pour root beer in it?
3) What do you do with your machine, and for about how many hours a day? (I mean, in general--gaming, video encoding, Web surfing, numerical simulations, SETI@Home, etc.)

1) By "lives in the case," I mean I don't recklessly transport the thing. It stays on the desk all day, unless I need to put it on sleep mode to take it to class. Sorry for the lack of clarification.
2) Typically I use Dr. Pepper. Root Beer just doesn't leave the same delicious aroma.
3) To be honest, the machine stays on for most of the day. It probably averages about an hour or two of 3D gaming (World of Warcraft), and the rest of the time is just spent web-surfing. I'm not doing anything too hardcore outside of that. A lot of mp3's on there, but... that's about it. Perhaps I'm just disillusioned by desktops, but I have a desktop that's been running on a pretty similar schedule for close to 6 years now, without any trouble.

Originally Posted by K-Fizzle
An external hard drive is a very good idea...

I agree wholeheartedly. I actually went and picked up a 200 gig one just before I came here, so I was thankfully able to back everything up before the disasters.
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