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Justin M. Giza
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Well, last night I excitedly returned my loaner, and retrieved my computer which received a CPU fan cleaning. They also happened to find a screw sitting on the mainboard (how that occurred is beyond me - I never look at the damn thing). I was told that it was given a stress test, left on overnight, and everything was dreamy.

I returned to my room, plugged everything in, and hit power.

We are go. T-Minus 3... 2... 1... and shut-down.

I try again. After about 2-3 minutes of moving shuffling between AC and battery power, it manages to power on. This time the computer manages to last the night. I wake up this morning, and take my computer to class. My good friend refuses to come out of sleep mode for several minutes, in a similar fashion as before.

I sat there, perplexed as to what could possibly be different in this situation.

Now, as I checked in my computer, I removed a gig of RAM I had purchased on my own for use in the loaner (the good folks at CNS informed me this was fine), so I assume that, in a normal world, this could absolutely be the cause, if it suddenly after working properly for a year, starting somehow pulling too much power and the laptop got angry.


I put the RAM in the loaner, and the loaner ran everything without any hassles or problems. So... if the RAM is indeed the cause, the problem lies in my computer's ability to utilize it - not in the RAM itself.

So... guess I get to hand this thing in. Again.

I'm going to test without the RAM this afternoon and see if I note any differences. In the meantime... can anyone offer me any other testing options? I kind of miss my buddy.


EDIT: Funny story. As I clicked "submit" for this entry... my PC shut down. Trillian Messenger was the only other program running. Thank god for the speed of technology. ;D

EDIT MACH-2, 11:05am: I removed my 512 chip, and moved my gig over to the other slot. After yet more hassles in powering on my computer (I'm wondering if CNS may have forgotten to test this part of my problem... hey, oversights happen), I got it up and kicking. I'm running some 3D software, and thus far, no problems have been had. I did notice some bizarro 3D rendering glitches though. Going to let this run for a little bit, and see if it forces another shut-down. At this point, the computer is running fine, but still experiencing the exact same Sleep Mode... or rather, "Turning-on-the-damn-computer-or-using-the-power-button" problems as before. I'll check back in if anything else goes awry.

EDIT 3, 12pm: Well, it just died. Whatever tests CNS ran, I'm not sure they were the right ones. Going to try it with just the 512 chip, and see if I notice any difference. My highly intelligent educated guess is: no.

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