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Andrew W. Cranisky
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I'm probably fighting a losing battle here, as I'm sure this is a line of defense you're quite set in and aren't about to rethink on account of some young upstart like me. Nevertheless, I have a few questions that might help me understand this system:

1) Obviously, in this day and age, it's important for every college student to have immediate access to a computer for schoolwork. Why couldn't you simply require every student to have a laptop of some kind when they enter Drew, instead of forcing a certain one upon us? (Now I know we're allowed to apply for an exception, but as you said, they're rarely granted.) You could still continue offering the Drew laptop for anyone who wanted it, and the rest of us would be free to compute as we liked. You said yourself that few professors take advantage of having a standardized laptop, and I'm at a loss to even think how they would. Could you provide instances where having a standardized computer is absolutely necessary?

2) Why are so many other schools able to allow students to use whatever laptop they like? Simply because they have space around for computer labs?

3) Why would Drew need to get 500 more computers if they did away with the laptop program? Do you honestly believe that there are that many kids who would not have a laptop if they weren't required to, or is there some sort of law that mandates a certain ratio of computers to students?

4) Finally (and this is more of an observation than a question), I'm afraid your reasoning of "What if kids don't use the library?" doesn't make a lot of sense. What university doesn't have a library, or sports teams, or clubs? Not all universities, however, make you buy a certain laptop. That is completely Drew's decision, and I'm certain it's something that you could change if you cared to.

Thanks for your time.
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