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Jennifer A. Jaworski
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Unhappy EMAIL announcements, events, auditions, etc

This happened last semester as well...
This is mainly for students running clubs and activities, although i have seen departmental email with the same problem.

I would love to join a club, or audition for a show...but...
Why do people insist on sending out "to all student" emails the day before a meeting or event when you know it will stay in queue and not go out until 4am-ish the next morning? I for one do not check this email until I get home from classes. I'm lucky i can remember how to brush my teeth at 8 am never mind comprehend words. It's a royal PIA when there's an audition or a club activity being held on the day you get the email and by that time commuter students are already home - hours at work could have even been changed in order to participate. It's a 40 min ride for me. Don't you want commuters to be involved? Actually, it makes me think you guys don't have it together. Get with it!
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