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So... a few things about this..

We are currently sending upwards of 20+ emails a night to student accounts. The one-message-per-event policy has been an official policy forever, but it may not have been enforced to the same degree in the past. We are seeing a huge pattern of immediate deletion on these messages.

Right now, there are a myriad of places where people can post things--the Drew Online Community Calendar, the Community Forums, Campus-Wide mail, Facebook, and clubs/organizations can have web pages, but all of these have their various limitations. Recognizing that the current situation is less than optimal, there are some efforts underway to examine our options.

Prof. Bradshaw in Computer Science has taken an interest in this problem, and students in his CSCI 10 (Human Interaction with Technology and Information) class are currently conducting an information needs assessment for Drew. They are looking at everything from usage patterns of Drew web sites, fliers and printed materials, campus-wide mail, and social sites like Facebook. They will be doing some surveys, looking at usage information, and will be working with CNS, University Relations/Communications, Student Life, etc.

The hope is that this research will generate some good ideas for a service that can be launched for students. With luck, this will lead to a student project over the summer that will create one concrete application that we will be able to launch for students next fall.

We're not quite sure where the research will lead or what type of application will be built this summer. I will guess that it will probably involve social networking and will probably try to pull together some existing services we are offering (community forums, university calendar, personal groupwise calendars, drew start page, moodle) in some interesting ways... The possibilities are currently wide open and student input is going to help drive the process at every step of the way...
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