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Originally Posted by Jennifer A. Fox
I know Outlook is not a supported, but since this problem derives (I think) from the use of network drives, maybe someone can answer my question...

I just installed Outlook on my office computer. Superficially it is working OK, but the program is not retaining my default settings. So if I change the calendar view to 5 days/week, or add/remove columns for how my contact list is displayed, or make any changes to any of the folders, those are lost when I move to another folder. I've tried the 3Rs already (restarting, rebooting, reinstalling).

I ran into a very similar problem with Word and Powerpoint when I got the new computer, but I know enough about those programs that I could put settings files where they needed to be (if I remember correctly, which I may not, had to do with the program being on C drive but looking at F drive for settings files). But I can't find anywhere in Outlook to tell it where to look for the .pst file....

Any suggestions?
If the location of the PST is the source of the problem, you can change its location (in Outlook 2003 anyway, I do not have OL 2007 in front of me unfortunately) by going to File > Data File Management. You can also create additional PSTs or "attach" PSTs that others have given you from here.

I am not sure however why locating the settings on the F: drive would be a problem. Office shouldn't care that the files are on a network drive...
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