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Alona Gutman
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I'm planning on taking Russian this year- I haven't completed my course schedual, but I think I'll sign up for Intermediate since I already have a good understanding of it and can read it- I just hope my level is equal in writing, I suppose I'll just have to take the placement test in the fall to find out. I never took any real classes, but my dad has been giving me occasional lessons for years, since he is from Russia.

As for French, I'm hoping to have time in a different semester for a conversational French class, or something like that- I reached level six in high school, but I was never really great at French, though I'm very into the culture and music. I have been doing some translations for fun (*gasp*), but for speech a real immersion program/semester abroad would be the best thing. I just don't want to lose the language altogether, after working at it for so many years; it took me so long to finally develop a real appreciation for French, so I'm just hoping to have a good opportunity to study it at Drew.
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