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Henry W. Coates
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Well, when you apply to go through another university, you basiclly have to do everything by yourself. The office at Drew will hold your paper work and send it out, but you have to go through a long process.
First, you have to see if the program you want to do is an approved program (they have a list). My program wasn't an approved program, because they really only want people to go on Drew's on London semester. They will make exceptions, however, when you write a petition saying why you want to go to England through another program. Once that petition's been passed, you have to find classes you want to take abraod. Your advisor, head of the department, and the registror all have to approve the classes. This insures that you will get credit for the classes.

Then you actually have to apply to the program. Now to actually answer your question. Drew takes away Merit scholarship but I think keeps need base. Tuition is very confusing, and Drew in many ways "screws you over" for the money---you have to pay Drew tuition, and then Drew pays the other university's tuition. If Drew's tuition is higher than the other school's, well too bad, they pocket the money. You can, however, apply to other schools financial aid that will go towards the money you will pay at Drew (I think). There are also a variety of other scholerships from foundations and societies out there specificly designed for students studying abroad. I just won a $10,000 scholarship from the society of "The Sons of St. George" for being "English and Excellent". So, other forms of money DO exist outthere.
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