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Originally Posted by Barry Burd
Is there a way to get to Blackboard files through NetStorage (or through something like NetStorage)? I want to upload PowerPoint slides so they're available to students in my course (and these Web page menus are driving me crazy).
Nope. NetStorage is a front-end for the various NetWare volumes. The BlackBoard content repository is completely separate, and it does not expose a WebDAV interface or anything along those lines..

Why not just upload the files using NetStorage to the course webspace on K: and link to them from Bb, instead of trying to store them in Bb itself?

This also keeps files off the BlackBoard server which is not in the SAN, and is constrained space-wise to the hard drive on that server, so large media content can quickly consume space there.

We also recommend that files be stored on the NetWare Cluster because that service is set up in a fault-tolerant way, with multiple servers, and a multi-path SAN connecting those cluster servers to the SAN disks. Hands down, the most reliable, most performant way to share files at Drew will be to use the NetWare Cluster. Even the NetStorage front-end is set up in a fully redundant fashion...

The same cannot be said for BlackBoard, which is a single-server only configuration. This is not so much because we don't want to make it fault-tolerant, but more so, because unlocking the necessary features in the BlackBoard requires an Enterprise Edition license, which is cost prohibitive at the present time.

... but I digress.. The short answer is.. If you want to store files, I recommend using the Novell file services. BlackBoard is useful for a number of things.. For file sharing, it is not the best tool for the job, however.
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