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Alicia E. Lutes
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From Daniel's Dictionary:

"Lofts: Anyone desiring a loft must
first acquire a “loft guide” from the
Office of Residence Life Web site
and then observe the appropriate
guidelines. For example, furniture
cannot be placed on top of a loft nor
can a loft be created by placing a
mattress on top of other University
furniture (such as a desk). Failure to
follow official guidelines will result in
the immediate removal of the loft at
the owner’s expense.
Please note that, due to fire-safety
precautions, lofts cannot be stored
over the summer."

However, I can't seem to find the guide on the website, so I would call reslife at 973.408.3394 or email reslife at:

I also know that you can rent a loft from Drew for the semester, or bring one from home, however there are certain specifications that must be met before it is approved by reslife.

hope this helps!
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