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Sarah G. Davie
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Unhappy Too many crackers?!

Just a little gripe I just had at the snack bar today. I was getting myself some soup, and when I have soup I like to put in a lot of crackers. I got a large size, and took a few packets of crackers up with me to the register. Apparently the snack bar thought that however many I took [it was like 4 of 5...come on now, there's two crackers in each packet] was too many, and the lady at the register told me that she was going to charge me 10 cents extra or something to take the extra crackers.

Clearly I left the crackers, and had my soup with not as many crackers. I also wanted to take a honey packet, because I am sick and it would be good for my sore throat, but that was going to cost me 5 cents extra.

I mean, the snack bar completely overcharges everything to begin with-now they are giving us a limit to the condiments/crackers that we take?
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