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Gary A. Hochman
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Originally Posted by Marla B. Rosenfeld
Hey all, just wondering if anyone knows if we have to take a placement test for a language we would like to take, even if we aren't taking it this semester. Is there a placement test for Hebrew or Chinese?

On a separate note, does getting into Chem 6A vs. Chem 6 do anything special for one trying to get into med school--to they really look at an advanced class vs. a regular class from freshman year???

Any info would be helpful!!


Yes, even if you arent taking it this semester, you should take the placement exam if you think you might be taking the language later. As for the Chem 6 vs 6a, for medical school it really shouldnt matter. The difference comes in the fact that chem 6a is a much smaller class, and they dont review as much of the basic material.

Originally Posted by Kevin P. Egan
I dunno, but if you like a teacher who really likes chem, take 6a. You'll get Alan Rosan, and he has an unhealthy obcession w/ chem. In orgo, he'll read from a german guys diary, then ask if any of us know german, only to show the thought process of the guy who figured out the structure of benzene.

Kevin, the registrar's website says Dr. Pearsall is teaching it. Has that been changed?
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