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I'm not sure why the Netstorage/Webfiles interface isn't working for you. While CNS addresses that issue, see if the other file access system, DocXchanger, works for you instead:

It's possible that the issue you're experiencing with Netstorage/Webfiles will also affect your ability to access DocXchanger, but it's worth trying so that you will be able to continue to work. DocXchanter's interface is a bit different, but it functions the same way.

If you log in via and then click on the DocXchanger link in the Remote Access block in the middle of the page, you should be taken right into the DocXchanger interface.

What will show up are all of the network drives to which you have access - your F: drive will show up first, then each individual class in your K: drive folder, then your G: drive, and finally the P:, O:, and U: drives. Look in the (vertical) center of the page and you will see the names of these so that you can easily identify them.

More information about DocXchanger is here:

There is also a way to install a version of DocXchanger on your laptop so that you can drag/drop multiple files at a time.
Information for downloading the installed client is here:

Information on using the installed client can be found here:

This could work as an interim solution for you until CNS can get to the root of your issue.

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