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Default New campus anti-virus software available

The university has licensed F-Secure to replace F-Prot. In spite of the similarity in naming, it's an entirely different product, from a different company. Our F-Prot license expires towards the end of November, and F-Prot will not afford you reliable protection after that point.

You should install the software via the Application Explorer folder on your Drew-issued Windows computer. Browse to "Install Software" and then "Utilities" and look for an icon named "Install F-Secure Antivirus". If you have F-Prot installed, this will remove it and install the new package.

If the installation does not run, or you are having problems with the Application Explorer, you need to contact the CNS Helpdesk at 3205 or send an email describing the problem to

Drew computers issued this semester (Mac and Windows), already have F-Secure installed on them.
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