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Default great idea

If you checked your messages you would see that some of the freshman attempted to reach you when they were locked out of the station and received no help whatsoever.

They also called all the other numbers posted on the door to the station and most of them were people who had nothing to do with the station any longer. It was one past member who was able to get his hands on a key that eventually saved the day last Friday. A day when you could have been showcasing the programming, what with all the parents visiting the campus all weekend. Instead they were off the air.

This seems to be the place to reach you Chris so sorry if it offends you. As station manager, the buck stops with you. If you are in charge then you are the name and face that people will see when they need to remedy something at WMNJ. If the station was utilizing all its potential, you wouldn't be hearing what you call whining on the message board.
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