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Noah C. Rosenfield
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well, i don't know the inner workings of drew's network. however, i do know that attempting to play halo 2 on xbox live has become utterly impossible. as you said, there should be plenty of free bandwidth, but alas it doesn't seem to exist when i call upon it for gaming.

and of course i know that p2p programs are abundant these days. however, i don't think that they are currently causing nearly as huge a bandwidth consumption as napster did, so equating the two doesn't seem quite right to me. as far as the primary purpose of the network being for education, well, of course it is. i never said that lag free gaming should come first. it would just be nice to be able to continue to use the console, games, and subscription which i've paid for already. and finally, when it comes to the games being completely unplayable, i'm not quite sure i can agree with that based on what i've had to deal with these past few days.

hopefully the situation will improve this weekend when most people head back home. if i still can't seem to get a decent connection (mind you all i want is decent. i'm not asking for perfection) i'm going to be rather disappointed.

it just seems silly that i can use the internet for non-educational purposes (downloading random videos, files, games) and have a transfer rate of 150KB/sec, but when i want that same bandwidth for gaming it just isn't there! a third of that would be more than satisfactory, but it just isn't there.

on a side note, there isn't some compatibility issue with Xbox Live and Drew's network is there? because if there is all this available bandwidth like david said, how come Xbox Live is so laggy?
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