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Originally Posted by John D. Muccigrosso
Drew now allows students to substitute an appropriate computer for the standard Drew-issued one...We expect that most students will continue to decide to accept the standard issue

Originally Posted by E. Axel Larsson
...If they wish to bring a different machine they must apply for a specific exception which is approved by a committee designated for that purpose.

There's is a huge amount of misinformation about this amongst the faculty, staff, and students, so it is important that we get the right message out.

This really is a point of confusion I've noticed -- I am constantly assaulting people with the proper information about the CI. ...And no we still do not support Macs.

[slightly off topic]
On a separate point of interest, yet somewhat related, what's with the MASSIVE geek squad advert in the UC? The Helpdesk gets paid to do that stuff, and the comptuers are under 4 year parts/accidental damage coverage...assuming of course the student has a Drew Computer, and was not granted an Exemption.
[/slightly off topic]
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